2 Reasons Why Having Many Links Is Not Enough To Get Organic Traffic

Organic Traffic

A recent study of almost a billion web pages revealed that over 30,000 of them couldn’t acquire organic traffic despite having backlinks from more than 200 referring domains. SEO big data company Ahrefs, the one who conducted the study, concluded that there are two reasons why this is happening. One reason being is that the links used are low quality, and the second is because the pages are irrelevant to the keywords people are searching online.

SEO consultant Roger Montti examined the results of this study. He added that most of the websites studied by Ahrefs aren’t gaining organic traffic because they are using time-sensitive keywords. Most of the time, these pages are tackling events that happened years ago. Therefore, people are not searching for them anymore.

Montti also noted that another reason for failing to get organic traffic is because the content of a specific page is not connected to the keyword used. Most of the time, such pages are created to sell rather than to provide information to readers. He then suggested that it is better for webmasters and providers of affordable SEO services to focus on user intent of their content rather than page quality alone.

This helpful SEO news came from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/billion-page-research-data/256129/. To learn more, click here.

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