2 Things That You Need To Do With Your Seasonal Content

Seasonal Content

In a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout, a participant asked for advice on how to manage seasonal content even when the season is over. He also said that his client removes Christmas content once the season ended and publishes it again in the following year. But if that can lead to problems with indexing and ranking, what action should site owners and SEO consultants take?

In response to that, Google’s John Mueller gave two possible solutions. First is to leave the content up for a reasonable amount of time. If you routinely remove and republish content, Google may look at the content in a different way. It is also essential that the content is linked to elsewhere on the site to let Google know that it’s relevant and really important.

Another solution to consider is keeping all your seasonal content in one URL to build up link equity. For instance, if you got a Christmas content, an Easter content, and a Thanksgiving content, it’ll be better to only have a single page for all of them. That way, it’ll be easier for Google to understand that it’s something relevant and important. But again, this solution will only work if the content stays in the URL for a reasonable extent of time.

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