3 Actions To Take When Moving To Searcher Intent From Keyword Research

Searcher Intent

Typically, keyword research is the initial step to take if you’re planning to attract visitors to your site. And behind every search, is an intent, which is a want or need, may it be for a service, product, information or something else. Furthermore, brands and SEO marketing professionals use data to figure out searcher intent and give an experience that translates to revenue for them. But how can you move from using keyword research to intent research?

Find keywords that match the intent

While marketers understand the sales funnel and customer journey, they often overlook the context that customers have when searching. Take note that search queries may be navigational, informational or transactional. And under these categories, find keywords that say a lot about the searcher intent.

Check how far the visitors are from taking action

Next is determining how far your customers are from buying something. It’s said that the farther someone is from taking action, the more abstract their search queries are. However, when they are getting close to their goal, they tend to utilise more contextual, concrete terms with verbs such as “buy” or “shop”.

Align you SEO with searcher intent

It is important to take note that Google is focused on whether a content is relevant to the intent of the searcher. That being said, use insights from keyword research to create relevant content and deliver the best answer to the queries. Checking the SERPs for various keywords can also help you decide whether to use PPC or SEO to target the right intent.

Details of this post were gathered from https://searchenginewatch.com/2018/12/03/intent-research-keywords-tips/. Click here to see the whole article.

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