3 Big SEO Changes That Happened In 2018

Big SEO Changes

With the various search algorithm updates and changes with mobile first indexing, 2018 has been an exciting year for everyone who works in the field of search engine optimisation. So here is the recap of several big SEO changes that happened throughout the year:

  1. Google Updates. In 2018, Google has made various search ranking and algorithm updates. Some were confirmed while others were not. Some were small while others were big. One of these is the Speed Update which impacted the slowest websites based on their ranking position. Another change is the Medic Update, which was classified as a broad core algorithm update. Google even said that with this update, there’s no fix for sites to rank better overnight.
  2. SEO Changes. There’s no doubt that Google has put so much focus on schema and structured data in 2018. Some of the changes include the new Q&A and FAQs schema, image search updates, speakable markup for voice search related queries, updates to recipe markup, and so much more.
  3. Mobile-first indexing. Google has always wanted to start crawling and indexing the web, not from the view of desktop computers but of smartphones. So in 2018, Google started rolling out the mobile-first indexing update to many websites. And as of today, over 50% of the search results are now indexed through this update.

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