3 SEO Points That You Need To Consider For Your Content Campaign

Content Campaign

Before launching your content campaign, you should never forget about search engine optimisation. It is so easy to get caught up in the campaign but it is important to ensure that your SEO points are taken care of as this can eventually result in more engagement and traffic to your business. And to help you out, here are some key items to consider:

1. Page titles. These can be utilised on social channels and are displayed in Google search results. To make sure that your target audience will click through to your content, write titles that are both catchy and appealing. At the same time, perform basic keyword research and optimise page titles.

2. Images and text. If you’ll be creating a static infographic with plenty of text, it’s advisable to build an HTML page supported with icons and images. A page with long content may be better and can certainly be optimised for traffic generation and rankings over still images.

3. Internal links. Lastly, secure links to your content and filter link equity to key pages. Also, pages must be linked to internally for the link equity to flow and rank well. Remember that a page must have a strong internal linking structure so it can pass link equity.

These are just some of the basic on-page SEO elements to keep in mind to make sure that your campaign will run smoothly and greatly help in growing your business.

This information came from https://searchengineland.com/a-checklist-important-seo-points-to-cover-in-a-content-campaign-304132. For more details, click this link.

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