3 Things You Can Do To Locate Your Orphan Pages

Orphan Pages

Orphan pages are those that don’t have any links to them, so they aren’t usually indexed and don’t appear in search results. Because there are no internal links, these pages gain no authority, and search engines have no semantic or structural context in which to evaluate them. And even if they’re listed in the XML sitemap, this can still result to search engine optimisation problems. Having said that, here some ways on how you can find orphan pages in your website.

  1. Determine crawlable pages. To know this, use an SEO spider such as ScreamingFrog and start by crawling from your homepage. Set it to crawl the indexable pages so it won’t crawl noindexed ones which are hidden from search engines by robots.txt.
  2. Be consistent. Be consistent when using http or https, www or non-www, as well as trailing slashes. Even though your pages have the same URL, you won’t be able to access them if they aren’t redirected properly. They will be considered as page duplicates, resulting in orphan pages. Try entering different variations of your pages in your browser and see if they all automatically redirect to the same URL to avoid encountering such issue.
  3. Use different tools. You can find orphan pages by utilising tools that are typically for SEO experts, including SEMrush and Ahrefs. You can even get a URL list from the Search Analytics report of the Google Search Console.

Since it’s impossible for search engines to index orphan pages, it can lead to different SEO issues. Therefore, follow the tips discussed here to address this problem immediately.

All details of this post came from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/find-orphan-pages/276207/. Click this link to learn more.

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