3 Ways To Properly Optimise Your Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions

The impact of meta descriptions when optimising on-page website contents is usually overlooked, and this can deliver a negative impact on your sales and traffic. Since a meta description gives the first impression of your website and can boost SEO ranking, this must be optimised properly. Here are some ways to do it:

1. Provide answers. Always think like your audience when writing descriptions so you can readily provide answers to their problems. Just remember to keep the character count around 160 only so the description does not appear incomplete or abrupt.

2. Add keywords. Place keywords strategically in a meta description so you can achieve better results, get the attention of the audience and indicate relevancy. When working with SEO experts for keyword research, you will likely get a lot of suggestions. Therefore, choose one keyword only that will fit the description perfectly and avoid stuffing all of them in the description.

3. Do not duplicate. Write unique descriptions for every web page that you have. Using the same description for several pages can lower your rankings, and Google will consider them as spammy or duplicates since they are talking about the same topic.

It is strongly advised to optimise your meta descriptions even though they do not affect your rankings directly. By doing so, you can increase your traffic and generate more clicks.

Details of this blog were gathered from https://searchenginewatch.com/2018/10/05/how-to-drive-clicks-effective-meta-descriptions. Click here for more information.

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