4 Most Important Areas Of Google Search Console

Google Search Console

SEO professionals and webmasters are using Google Search Console for different online strategies, and it has offered various tools, data, and analytics every year. Now that its new version is finally out of beta, here is a review of its most important areas:

1. Search Appearance. This is the section mainly used by SEO experts as this can provide various comprehensive reports. This includes the status of AMP pages and structured data, how many Rich cards are indexed, errors in the metadata via the HTML improvement report and many more.

2. Search Traffic. In this section, users can monitor the performance of their website for a particular timeframe. The performance report can be broken down into various metrics, including pages, search type, date, pages and countries. Search Traffic is also utilised to bring out a disavow file through the Links to your site report, monitor manual actions and mobile usability, and more.

3. Google Index. Here, users can look for index bloat, remove URLs and determine if CSS is blocked. The reports from this section focus on how contents are performing in the Google search, such as the Index Coverage and Blocked Resources.

4. Crawl. This section concentrates on the exact issues that may be affecting your website and how to fix them. Examples of this are broken pages, wrongly implemented robots.txt files, and duplicate contents.

Indeed, Google Search Console is one of the essential tools for SEO companies and webmasters today. In the future, more improvements are expected for this, such as a better notification system for new issues and new index coverage reports for better understanding of website errors.

Full details of this story can be found on https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-search-console-guide/209318/. Click here to learn more.

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