4 Things That Google Did To Make Search Engine Optimisation Much Simpler

Search Engine Optimisation

For Google, good search engine optimisation techniques are very important since it makes the Internet better for users. In return, this allows Google to sell more advertisements. In order to understand the importance of SEO to the marketing mix, listed here are some of the things Google did that webmasters and specialists alike will find helpful.

1. Revamped their SEO starter guide. One of the most notable changes in Google’s SEO guide is its new section discussing content writing tips, such as creating link texts, optimising copies, and more. This is helpful not only for newbies but for seasoned providers of affordable SEO services too who wants to review the basics.

2. Improved the Search Console. This tool is very helpful in monitoring all website activities that are hidden from plain view. It now allows users to index blogs at once and view up to 16 months of data in the search analytics report.

3. Added SEO audit to the Lighthouse extension. With this addition, the Lighthouse auditing tool can now analyse pages for basic SEO competency and give advice on how to improve them.

4. Hired a new public search liaison. In October 2017, Danny Sullivan was appointed as Google’s first public search liaison. This only shows that Google wants to be more transparent and open when it comes to organic search.

This interesting Google news was gathered from https://searchenginewatch.com/2018/05/30/four-ways-google-is-making-seo-easier/. To learn more, click here.

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