4 Types Of Images You Can Use For Your Content Without Violating Copyright


As many site owners and SEO experts know, visuals like images can help not only make your content appealing but also boost user experience. However, remember that you can’t just use any images that you found online as you may violate copyright. To know what types of images you can use and how to use them, read on:

  1. Public Domain Images – These images have no copyright because they’re released in public domain, have no copyright to begin with, or the copyright has expired. You can get such images from Flickr Commons or Wikimedia Commons.
  2. Stock Photos – These images are made available by their creators for licence by paying a fee. Make sure to read the licensing agreement carefully as there are pictures intended for a specific purpose only.
  3. Creative Commons Images – Through the Creative Commons license, photographers will still have some control over how the photos they released to the public are used. That said, only use photos with Creative Commons licenses that are intended for commercial purposes if it’s for a blog post or a webpage associated with a for-profit company.
  4. Social Media Images With Permission – While social media content is open for anyone to view, make sure to ask the respective owner for permission before using any of it. Keep in mind that using such images without permission may result in legal actions or fees.

Details in this SEO post were gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/using-images-legally-online-guide/319403/. For further details, click the link.

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