5 Possible Features You Can Look Forward To In Google Search Console

Google Search Console

According to a recent Twitter feed, company owners and SEO consultants may be looking forward to several new features coming to Google’s latest version of the Search Console. A few of these unannounced features were found in the JavaScript code of the new Google Search Console.

  1. AMP Articles. This particular feature is intended to provide reports regarding the performance of AMP articles.
  2. Child-Direct Content Report. This report, which has been already added to Search Console, is dedicated to pages that are focused on children.
  3. Opt-Out of Google Search Sections. Such feature will allow site owners to pull out their websites from Flights, Hotels, Shopping, and Local sections.
  4. Performance on Google Discover. This feature will enable sites owners to evaluate the performance of their pages in Google Discover, a section located on Google’s home page on mobile devices.
  5. Page Speed Report. It looks like page speed will finally have its own report. Although SEOs can use tools that measure page speed, it has to be done one URL at a time. Maybe the new report will test the corresponding speed of all the site’s URLs?

These are all the features that may be present in the latest Google Search Console.

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