5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Adding An HTML Sitemap

HTML Sitemap

As many SEO experts and webmasters know, sitemaps are designed to guide visitors to navigate a website easily. They are divided into two types: the XML sitemap which is intended for search engines and spiders, and the HTML sitemap which is designed for website visitors. But while some insist that adding HTML sitemaps isn’t needed when you already have XML sitemaps, here are a few reasons on why you should still do so:

  1. They can further emphasise the purpose or particular value of your site. You can utilise SEO to determine the right keywords to add on the sitemap. Note that a sitemap is also an easy alternative to Anchor text when it comes to creating keyword relevance for a page.
  2. They can organise your growing website by keeping every page in their rightful place. This will then allow your visitors to find what they’re looking for in the site easily.
  3. They can act as a project management tool that organises the connections and structure between pages and subpages, leaving you with a neat hierarchy for your website.
  4. They can direct search bots in getting your site’s whole picture to index all pages, and help these crawlers understand the taxonomy of your site to boost search engine visibility.
  5. Lastly, an HTML sitemap can highlight the most important pages on your website and help search engines to find your content and crawl it.

This post used information from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/html-sitemap-importance/325405/. For further details, click the link.

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