5 Tips On Preparing Your Website For The Mobile-First Index By Google

Mobile First Index

Google has now started to implement its mobile-first index, which prioritises mobile versions of websites when querying its index. This is a significant change for search marketers, and you must make sure that your website is optimised for mobile. In this case, here are some simple SEO tips that you can follow:

1. Set up a new measurement framework – Start analysing the statistics of your website in a different way so you can always come up with new business strategies.

2. Monitor Google crawl activity – By monitoring log file data, you can learn how search engine bots access your website, helping you identify and resolve issues at once.

3. Cover technical basics – Don’t forget to check the technical aspects of your website thoroughly, such as the structured data and hreflang.

4. Study user experience – Attention spans of mobile audiences are very short, so it’s your job to prepare effective marketing plans.

5. Create tailored mobile contents – For this, you can also avail of affordable SEO packages to provide a more engaging experience, allowing you to help achieve their goals faster.

By following these search engine optimisation tips, you can optimise your website for mobile and stay ahead of the game.

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