Critical Questions To Ask A Search Engine Optimisation Agency Before Hiring One

Search Engine Optimisation Agency

In today’s competitive marketing environment, being visible online is an absolute must if you want to secure a top spot in the search engine results and tremendous website traffic. However, visibility is not just the one factor you should focus on as there are many strategies that should be applied to reach as many potential customers as possible. Putting your content in front of as many eyeballs as possible increases your chances of conversion, hence profitability.

To help boost online visits to your site, increase brand awareness and improve your bottom line, the services of a search engine optimisation agency are certainly indispensable. This is particularly the case where you either lack the technical expertise, time or both to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Questions to Ask the SEO Consultants/Experts

There are essential questions you must pose to your search engine optimisation company before signing that contract.

  1. What is your SEO plan and how do you measure success in SEO campaigns?

– Getting a consultant who knows exactly what to do and the metrics by which to measure success and track improvement using analytics software can help boost your search rankings.

  1. Can you guarantee results?

– While every search engine optimisation consultant and company strives to attain a favourable ranking for its clients, knowing precisely the spot where your site will fall on SERPs may be impossible. However, a genuine agency will give you a general forecast based on your budget, competition and strategy.

  1. When will I start seeing tangible results?

– Typically, it will take about 3 to 6 months for your SEO efforts to produce results. The level of competition in your niche is a critical factor in this. A company promising you instant results or unrealistic timeframes such as 2 weeks should be dropped off from the candidate list.

  1. Will you periodically update me on any changes you make on my site?

– Depending on your preferences, you may want to know the kind of adjustments done on your site. When you have access restrictions, you may prefer the SEO optimisation company to brief you before altering any code on your site.

  1. What are your charges and payment terms?

– It is important you know the amount the entire project will cost you and the billable milestones. The consultant should clarify whether they will bill per hour, by project or by retainer.

Interviewing a search engine optimisation agency can be intimidating but raising the right questions before starting your relationship with the company can set you up for success. Ensure you listen carefully and ask for clarifications where the response is not clear. Until you are comfortable with the answers given and all your doubts are cleared, never be pushed into hastily signing a contract for SEO services.