First Look At The Latest Mobile Page Speed Update By Google

Mobile Page Speed Update

Several website owners and SEO experts might already know that Google has rolled out the latest mobile page speed update. And with this recent change, it’s important to note that a website’s mobile page speed is now considered a ranking factor.

Before, Google’s Page Speed Algo considers desktop speed in terms of search results, which means websites with slow desktop speed are negatively affected in both desktop and mobile search results. But now, Google will be using mobile page speed for mobile searches. This will have an impact to all mobile sites including those that haven’t moved yet to mobile first indexing. Generally, the recent update aims to target the slowest mobile sites. Google’s John Mueller even said that reasonably fast websites won’t see improvements in rankings but the slowest ones will.

However, Google said that the recent update will only affect a small percentage of searches. Also, regardless of the mobile speed, they will continue to show brand websites for branded searches. This means that even if a website is very slow but highly relevant to the search query, Google will still show it in the results pages.

Indeed, more and more searches are now done through mobile devices, so the latest speed update isn’t surprising. If you think that this recent change is something you must focus on for your SEO project, do not hesitate to seek advice from experts.

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