First Look At The New URL Inspection Tool In Google Search Console

URL Inspection Tool

Following the release of the new Search Console a couple of months ago, certain updates regarding its progress are released. One of the most common requests from users like SEO experts is for more information on how Google Search sees a particular URL. So to address this, a new URL inspection tool has been launched.

The said tool provides comprehensive crawling, indexing, and serving information about webpages, making search even more transparent. These details will come directly from the Google index. Having said that, users can now enter a URL on the tool to know its last crawl date and status. At the same time, the canonical URL and any indexing or crawling issues on the page will also be identified.

If the entered page was successfully indexed, users would see the status and information regarding any enhancements present there like rich results and linked AMP version. On the other hand, if a page was not indexed, users will then be provided with an issue report. The report includes details regarding Google’s canonical URL for the page and noindex robots meta tags.

Furthermore, the tool aims to help webmasters, SEO companies and other users in debugging issues with existing and new pages in Google Index. Now that is has been released, the new URL inspection tool will be available to every user in the following weeks.

This interesting news came from https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2018/06/new-url-inspection-tool-more-in-search.html. Click this link to see the whole story.

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