Google Speed Update Has No Effect On General Mobile Rankings So Far, Says Study

Google Speed Update

As many SEO experts and webmasters know, the Google Speed Update was released last July 9. But according to reports, it hadn’t shown any effects on downgrading mobile page rankings in the general Google mobile search results yet.

A recent study revealed that there were no changes in rankings a week after the Speed Update was released. The study looked at around 33,500 keywords, the positions from one to number 30 before and after the update, and 1 million SERPs. They were able to grade the speed of every page by using the Google PageSpeed Insights tool. This provides an optimisation score, DOM Content Loaded (DCL), and median First Contentful Paint (FCP).

By comparing the metrics from before and after the Speed Update’s release, they have concluded the there’s no connection between the median FCP/DCL metrics and the position of mobile SERPs. They also noted that the growth of average FCP/DCL metrics before and after the Speed Update isn’t that huge. After all, webmasters and SEO companies cannot consider just a single metric for page speed since Google won’t tell if a page is slow that it wouldn’t rank well.

So as of today, there are no changes yet in mobile search ranking that are directly connected to the new Speed Update.

This SEO report first appeared on https://searchengineland.com/report-google-mobile-speed-update-has-no-impact-on-general-mobile-rankings-302703. Click here for more information.

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