Google Stopped Supporting The Rel=prev/next Indexing Signal

Indexing Signal

Just last week, Google Webmasters tweeted a late announcement that they’ve stopped using the rel=prev/next indexing signal. Following this announcement, several SEO experts, site owners and web designers responded in two ways.

Most individuals were disappointed and frustrated because Google kept on telling publishers to utilise the indexing signal even though they’ve stopped supporting it years ago. On the other hand, there were some SEO professionals who chose to acknowledge the change.

As many remembered, Google recommended utilising rel=prev/next as a sign that a group of pages was part of a series of related pages. And in a Webmaster Hangout just last January, Google’s John Mueller said that they indeed try using that indexing signal, but didn’t say that Google already stopped supporting it. This may be because Mueller was unaware that Google had not been using the rel=prev/next for several years now.

However, it is worth taking note that while Google might not be utilising the indexing signal as a pagination hint, it remains to be a relevant HTML element. In other words, you shouldn’t consider taking down the existing code or remove your link relationships just because Google says they’ve cut support for rel=prev/next.

This story first appeared on https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-disappointment/299767/. Click the link for more information.

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