Here Are 2 Google Search Issues You Need To Know And How To Solve Them

Google Search

As 2019 begins, Google’s John Mueller shared his knowledge to the search engine optimisation community by answering various questions related to Google search. Here are the two main topics he discussed:

  1. Slow server results in crawling and indexing problems. John Mueller explained that if Google is having a difficult time crawling a specific website, this can lead to two issues. First, Google fails to crawl as much as they need to properly understand the website, and second, Google cannot access some of its resources, so the search engine considers it as not mobile-friendly. Mueller said that webmasters and SEO experts could improve this by moving the website to a faster server, increasing the general web page speed, and minimising the number of resources for page loading.
  2. 404ing hacked content. When it comes to a website being hacked, which leads to the creation of thousands of new hacked pages, Mueller also gave instructions on how to remove them from Google. He explained that if the hacked pages return a status code, 404 – page not found, Google will eliminate them from their index eventually. Nevertheless, this is normal and will not hurt the overall website even if it has several 404 pages as long as these pages do not have any significant content.

Details of this post were gathered from https://searchengineland.com/googles-mueller-spend-new-years-helping-seos-tackle-hacked-content-slow-website-issues-309934. Click the link for more information.

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