Here Are 4 Underutilised Schema Markup Opportunities Your Website Needs Right Now

Schema Markup

While schema markup is said to not be a ranking factor in search engine optimisation, it helps your website acquire better rankings indirectly, improves the crawling of content on your website, and a lot more.

Most websites today that are availing of affordable SEO services use schema markup, but some opportunities are often overlooked by many. Here are some of them:

1. App schema markup – Since almost every company has their own mobile application, this is a very good schema markup to utilise these days.

2. Schema person markup on employee profiles – This helps your website power up knowledge graph results, allowing you to get impressive results for your employees.

3. Brand elements within Organisation schema markup – Here, you’ll specify a few things such as your alternate business name and contact details to further enforce your branding.

4. Image Gallery schema markup – This enables Google to easily recognise different images and use them to yield different types of results.

Take note of these four schema markup opportunities that you may not be using at the moment. It is better if you can work with a reliable SEO company so you’re assured of having that much-needed boost.

This valuable information has been gathered from https://searchengineland.com/4-underutilized-schema-markup-opportunities-that-impact-seo-296129. Click here to learn more.


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