Here Are Some Causes Of A Sudden Drop In Search Rankings And Traffic

Search Rankings And Traffic

Maintaining a steady traffic flow to your website and high rankings in Google is necessary for the success of a business. By setting up your website correctly, you can garner qualified leads that can be converted into regular customers. That’s why search engine optimisation is one of the most sought marketing strategies today. But if your search rankings and traffic suddenly drop, there are some causes to consider. Here are some of them:

1. Target keyphrases. If your website has been running for many years, chances are your keyphrases are outdated. This calls for a revisit of your own searching behaviour. You should also stop relying on a few keyphrases only but complete sentences with more natural language instead.

2. Page speed. Websites that load slowly will affect rankings and user experience, leading to higher bounce rates. Check your page speed using Google’s PageSpeed Tool, where pages are ranked as either fast, slow, or average.

3. Algorithm changes. Google is constantly improving its strategies through algorithm changes. To avoid having problems with these, use a cross-channel marketing and traffic strategy which involves other marketing channels such as social networking sites. Working with SEO professionals is also a good idea to stay updated with such changes.

Improving website traffic and rankings is not easy. But by knowing the best strategies and the latest updates, you can grow your business and boost online visibility.

The details of this post were gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/why-search-rankings-traffic-drop/264617/. Click here for more details.

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