Here Are The 2 Issues You Can Encounter In Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-First Indexing

More than half of the web pages that appear in global search results have already been moved to mobile-first indexing. If yours has not been moved, then Google might not have evaluated it yet. Meanwhile, if you do not have a responsive website design, then there are two possible issues related to this that every SEO professional and website owner must be familiar with.

  1. Missing structured data
  2. Structured data must also be on the mobile version of your website if it is used on the desktop version. Otherwise, the structured data will be overlooked since only the mobile version will be indexed. Google advises website owners and SEO companies to test every version of the web pages for structured data and compare results.

  3. Missing alt-text
  4. With alt-text, Google can understand the actual context of the images present in your web pages. Just like structured data, this must also be applied to both mobile and desktop versions. According to Google, it is a good idea to look at the source code for “img” tags and check if the mobile pages have correct alt-attributes.

You can discover if your website has already been moved to mobile-first indexing by using the URL inspection tool from Google. Here, you can learn how a specific URL was last crawled and indexed.

All information in this post was taken from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-explains-the-2-most-common-issues-with-mobile-first-indexing/284035/. Click the link for more details.

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