Here Are The 3 Local SEO Misconceptions You Should Stop Believing Right Now

SEO Misconceptions

One of the most common topics discussed within the web community is SEO misconceptions that keeps on turning up, and now is the time to debunk them. Here are some examples:

1. Suite numbers affect your rank. Those who rent or share space often use suite numbers to make their NAP listing unique. This is useless since Google overlooks suite numbers and considers them just a visual aid. Though it doesn’t provide any boost to your rankings, it can still help customers find you easily.

2. You’ll get penalties for breaking GMB guidelines. Going against the guidelines set by Google My Business could give you either a soft or hard suspension. But Google does not have an algorithmic method that will reduce the ranking of listings when you violate their rules. This only applies to organic search and not local results.

3. Service area is a ranking factor. It won’t affect your rank whether or not you indicate in GMB that you only provide service to specific areas. Instead, your ranking will depend on your address and the location of your searchers.

So when it comes to search engine optimisation, it’s advised that you avoid considering these things anymore. Fine tune your listings properly so searchers will always find your local pages.

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