Here Are The Resources That Webmasters and Content Creators Should Make Use Of

Webmasters And Content Creators

It’s true that running a website is a lot easier now than it was years ago. Lots of people just post their SEO content and wait for Googlebot to discover, crawl, and index it. However, Google still argues that technical details matter a lot. This is the time when webmasters and content creators will require help and support.

Google is generous enough to help when it comes to explaining why certain things work or appear in a particular way. And they have disclosed that the first path to getting help is through the Google Webmasters – a place brimming with support resources. This includes the Google Web Fundamentals for technical guidance in creating websites, the Google Search developer documentation which describes how Google crawls and indexes a website, and so much more.

The second path for support is the Google Webmaster Central Help Forums. Here, there are dedicated Googlers and top contributors who will answer any queries, regardless if it’s about content creation or search engine optimisation. The third resource is the Online Webmaster Office Hours. By joining this, you can ask the Google team anything about website appearance in Google Search.

Aside from these resources, Google also works hard to update their site entitled How Search Works, helping everyone understand Google Search.

This list of resources came from https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2018/05/helping-webmasters-and-content.html. For more details, click here.

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