How To Make Your Pages Optimised For Searcher Intent

Searcher Intent

Because of regular Google algorithm updates and constantly evolving user behaviour, search has become an exciting, ever-changing channel. But these changes shouldn’t cause us to overlook the fundamental principles of search engine optimisation. This includes searcher intent, and it has a huge impact on every SEO strategy.

There are different types of searcher intent. Some people may be looking for information or requires help in navigating a page or website, while others want to make a purchase. By understanding what the searcher wants, optimising pages can be done much easier.

Where should I rank my page?

To know where you should rank and optimise for intent, check the search results for a particular query. Analyse the pages that are currently ranking. To increase your ranking, you must have a page that is somewhat comparable to these existing pages. On the other hand, some results are not good in answering searcher intent, and you can grab this opportunity by creating a more focused page.

What’s in it for me?

Ranking will generate more traffic, which could lead to authority building, direct conversions, and brand discovery. Remember that not all traffic needs to convert. Determine how ranking for target keywords can benefit your business and if it is compatible with your marketing goals. This way, you can focus on those opportunities that can deliver the best results.

SEO should always begin with intent optimisation, especially now that search engines are becoming better at measuring how well a page matches intent.

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