Human SEO vs. AI: What Is Best?

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As a number of the world’s industries become more and more reliant on Artificial Intelligence (AI), we’re often collectively left wondering how AI can make our lives better, while simultaneously wondering when AI is going to make our jobs irrelevant. No industry appears to be untouched by the benefits (and drawbacks) of AI, so it’s only natural that people consider how worthwhile AI can be when it comes to SEO. Can a local SEO company still keep up?

The reality is yes. In fact, it has never been more important to have humans in control of your SEO fortunes. Now, that wasn’t necessarily the case five or ten years ago when many websites were being powered by automated SEO and ‘spam’ to blast their way up the Google Rankings. But as Google’s algorithms and vetting techniques get better, the likes of unique content and quality writing have become key to achieving the top Google ranks for keywords. While there’s no doubt that AI search engine optimisation is fantastic at analysing trends and identifying topics that have value and relevance to industries, it can’t yet achieve that human element. That may, of course, come, and much of our utopian/dystopian (take your pick) fiction allow us the space to ruminate about these developments. But, for now, humans – the people reading our content – are all that really matters. They are our clients, our customers, our readers, and our peers. As such, our content must read like it was written by a human. Even if AI is able to produce that type of content, just remember: it’s trying to emulate a human. So why not utilise humans via a local SEO company?

But, as we said, there’s no doubt that AI and, more widely, automated systems can do some amazing things. In order to do those amazing things, this type of tech needs to be used in conjunction with humans. So, there is no ‘winner’ when it comes to human SEO versus AI SEO. The winner is those running websites. With such a wealth of automated tools that can help identify the most effective keywords, and human SEO companies to make sense of these tools and write quality content, it’s a winning formula. The best local SEO marketing companies know this and are consistently looking at the new ways that they can utilise these tools to provide the best service possible to their clients. While it may seem like directly using these tools is a good idea, so you can cut out the ‘middleman’, it’s no better an idea than trying to use stock market software without any understanding of market trading. SEO experts not only work with the best writers to deliver unique and powerful prose, but they also know how to work with the best tools to track and analyse how to use keywords within that content.

As it stands, it’s best to leave SEO to the professionals – especially if you’re looking to implement local SEO optimization for your small business. Working with a local SEO company is the best way to ensure that your business can appear to the customers, clients, readers, and peers that matter to you. As such, the need for that human element within the SEO industry is alive and well.