Is It Still Worth Investing Money In SEO UK Wide?


In the past – and we’re still talking within fairly recent memory here – SEO UK, and indeed internationally, was seen as a simple matter of repeating keywords time and again throughout pieces of text. It didn’t even really matter what the text said, so long as the keywords were present in sufficient quality. Throw in some (any!) backlinks, and SEO was sorted.

Inevitably, Google and the other most popular search engines have raised the bar. SEO UK and beyond has evolved dramatically in recent years and become something far more sophisticated and complex to put in place and to measure. And yet at the same time, it’s also somewhat easier than it used to be. There’s a saying that’s rapidly become entrenched in SEO and web design law, and that’s ‘content is king’. You’ll hear that repeated by SEO companies time and time again. What it means to you as the business owner is as simple as this: you want your website to give potential and actual customers the answers to their search queries, quickly and efficiently. That means every word on your site must be informative. It must be unique and of sufficiently high quality. And increasingly these days, it must do so in an entertaining way, to capture the increasingly short attention spans of the web-browsing public. That way, they are more inclined to share it with their friends, or family, or colleagues in the workplace; preferably by using social media. All this increases the buzz around your product and your company, and this helps generate warm leads, which with luck transform into sales.

To the small business SEO often seems like the impossible dream. It’s hard enough to find time to throw together any kind of content for a website, even though you know you should. Small business owners wear so many hats, from accountant to manager to salesperson, marketer and chief telephone answerer! This is where local SEO services can help. That’s ‘local’ in both senses – local to you, and services that concentrate their SEO efforts on raising your online profile within your immediate, geographical locality. You may not have an expert copywriter on your small team, but your SEO company will. They’ll also have the knowledge and experience to seek out those all-important keywords and phrases that are like buzzwords to potential customers searching online to fulfil their particular needs. With frequently refreshed content, naturally positioned keywords and the right links internally to other areas of your website, you can almost lead your customer to where you want them to be. And all this pushes your website further up the search rankings organically, almost without you noticing, thereby increasing your exposure to new audiences with money to spend. And that’s a worthwhile investment in your future bottom line.

The good news is that this kind of SEO UK wide needn’t break the bank. Look for a company offering expert SEO services that deals with large and small businesses, and offers a range of packages for different budgets. That way, you can pick the services you want, but benefit from their expertise in managing larger campaigns, without spending more than you can afford.