What You Should Know About The Responsible Use Of JavaScript


In the latest SEO Mythbusting video, Martin Splitt of Google suggested that the responsible use of JavaScript is indeed important in giving the best user experience. The webmaster trends analyst stated that such action could help make sure that your website’s content won’t be lagging behind in search index. Now, this is something that webmasters, SEO experts, and site owners should consider.

According to the discussion in the video, too much use of JavaScript can badly impact a site’s performance. It affects websites that publish fresh content daily. That said, if you publish content on a JS-heavy site daily, expect that it might not be indexed in search results for up to one week due to Google’s two-pass indexing process.

Nevertheless, you can use dynamic rendering to get around the indexing lag issue and give a static rendered version of a web page to Googlebot. Doing so will allow your page to be indexed much faster. Lastly, Splitt mentioned that HTML and CSS are more “resilient” than JS. This only means that it’ll be better for you to rely on HTML and CSS in terms of crawling, indexing and user experience.

This SEO news came from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-recommends-using-javascript-responsibly/312257/. Click the link to know more.

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