Key Elements That Should Be Included In SEO Packages

SEO Packages

If you are new to web-based marketing, or are only just considering outsourcing your SEO to experts, you may be at a loss as to what you need. SEO packages encompass a range of services offered by experts in their field. While your specific requirements may differ from those of another company, there are some key elements that should be offered as standard in all such packages.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers to a set of rules and processes that are applied to your online presence to achieve a higher ranking across different search engines. This is important as it improves your company’s visibility to potential customers. You could have the best goods and services available worldwide, but if you rank low down in search engine results you are unlikely to be found by Internet users, and therefore unlikely to improve your revenues. SEO outsourcing specialists use the rules and processes to improve a variety of aspects of your online presence. They can do this because they have a detailed knowledge of the algorithms that are applied by the different search engines. When choosing between the available SEO packages, it is essential to know not only your budget, but also what you want to achieve. Only then can you assess whether the package fulfils your requirements, within the timeframe and budget that is at your disposal. Among the elements that should be universal to every good SEO package is effective utilisation of key phrases and keywords. The importance of this cannot be overstated. Key words and phrases are the foundations on which your improved ranking is based. SEO experts should not only target the effective inclusion of keywords, but also detailed analysis of those key terms to ensure that your keywords are more on point than those used by your competitors.

Next, as well as understanding the importance of and use of keywords, your package should include a technical audit. This assesses the current state of your website. Creating an effective SEO website can only be achieved with proper knowledge of how it is currently performing. Choosing an affordable SEO expert who doesn’t take this step could result in you spending time and money in areas that did not need work; or worse still, making negative changes to areas that were already working perfectly well. Once the audit is completed, your SEO team can create an effective strategy for your website and your general online presence, which will include social media streams. Most search engines consider how useful and informative your website is, as well as how well written and easy to navigate it is. This means that you need to be seen as an expert in your field. Our next ‘must-have’ is link building, which plays a crucial role in this. This type of off-page optimisation is taken seriously by Google, which evaluates the number and quality of links you have. Therefore, link building services are key to any package you are offered by an SEO manager.

Finally, of course, SEO packages should also contain copywriting. All websites that feature highly in search engine rankings have quality content which is well-written, properly researched and is engaging for the reader. Failure here could undermine the rest of the work that is being undertaken on your site. Ensure, therefore, that any SEO company you use has experienced writers on their team.