Landing Page Optimisation – An Introduction To This Affordable SEO Service

Affordable SEO Service

An affordable SEO service should recommend action on areas of your website that will create the maximum impact for the money you are paying them. One of the biggest areas that you can create such an impact in terms of SEO is by paying attention to your landing pages. But what are landing pages and what can you do to make them work harder for you?

To many people, their homepage is the sole landing page worth talking about. There’s a popular misconception that this is the only page that truly counts when we’re talking about the entry point to a website. Because this is what a landing page is: the place where potential buyers first start to engage with a company online and become actual purchasers. But that can be so much more than just your homepage. To a digital marketer or SEO manager, a landing page is any standalone webpage that is specifically designed to entice a prospective customer into taking action, whether that’s signing up for more information or making a purchase. It’s the page that visitors first see when they click on a link in the search engine results, and that might not necessarily be your home page. In fact, you almost don’t want it to be. Say you sell a range of products or services: they should all be there on your homepage so the casual visitor can see what you do and where they can find more information. But your landing page, on the other hand, will answer a direct query made by the searcher about just ONE of your market offerings. A landing page converts a viewer looking for something specific into a buyer.

A lot of people assume that landing pages are only useful for one-off campaigns, usually using PPC (paid-for) ads. But by harnessing the power of affordable SEO, you can use some of your landing pages to attract and convert organic traffic too. After all, organic traffic is much cheaper than paid-for advertising, so ultimately, you’ll get a better ROI if you invest in the right SEO to attract it. So what type of landing page is suitable for investment in SEO directed towards organic traffic? In short, any page that offers ‘evergreen’ information. That’s something your company routinely provides and will continue to provide indefinitely, rather than a short-term campaign or special offer. In order to be seen by a prospective customer, however, that page needs to rank well in the search engine results, and that is where an affordable SEO service comes in. The information on that page should be optimised with the right keywords and phrases to be indexed, and ranked highly, by the search engines. This should include long-tailed keyphrases as well as your usual target keywords. The content should read naturally, be engaging and persuasive, and include just one call to action, to focus the potential client’s attention on this product and this product alone. There should be nothing else to distract the viewer from signing up or buying.

Why not speak to the SEO company you use about the value landing pages could add to your organic search results? This is one highly affordable SEO service that it’s well worth taking advantage of.

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