Search Engine Optimisation UK – Valuable Tips On Utilising Customer Reviews For Local SEO

Search Engine Optimisation UK

Most customers’ purchase decisions are greatly affected by online reviews from others who have tried the products or services before them. But apart from this, it has been recently discovered that these reviews also play a significant role in search engine optimisation UK wide and around the world, particularly in local SEO.

Local search ranking is affected by many factors, and one of them is the use of online reviews. In fact, these review signals are said to have even more weight than social signals. This is due to the fact that online reviews indicate relevance, proximity, and popularity of any business.

If you would like to boost your website ranking in the local SERPs using online reviews, this article is for you. Below, you will be provided with a list of tips which you can incorporate in your search engine optimisation strategy.

  • Showcase your customer reviews on your website
  • As it is essential to keep your website contents updated, know that online reviews can also be considered as fresh content. Also, it encourages interaction between your customers and will keep them engaged. Later on, this will convert into sales and higher ranking.

  • Do not forget to share your reviews on your social media accounts
  • Even if social signals are not as powerful as review signals, even your search engine optimisation company will tell you that it is still a good idea to have active social media accounts. This is because this is where most people are. By sharing your reviews, your social media followers will see that you have a lot of positive reviews. This will then foster trust.

  • Interact with your customers by responding to their reviews
  • Still on the issue of trust, responding to online reviews allow customers to know that you value their opinions. Devote time in addressing their concerns and say thank you or apologise when appropriate. Moreover, review responses can also be used as an optimised content to improve the visibility of the response or drive more engagement to the keywords you are targeting. You can do this by inserting one or two keywords to your review response.

These are just some of the ways online reviews can drive traffic and boost your online presence. Always remember to gear your search engine optimisation UK strategies towards showcasing how your brand is seen as trustworthy and reliable by customers.