SEO Consultant Services Vs. SEO Tools: Which Is Best?

SEO Consultant Services

We all know the old adage that says ‘the right tool for the right job’. But then there’s that other one that goes: ‘a bad workman always blames his tools’. So while we may need the right tool for the job, the tool’s efficiency is determined by the person using it. The same is true of tools that provide white hat SEO, and companies that provide SEO consultant services.

Despite this, many businesses and other website owners believe they can ‘DIY’ with the tools. Some may indeed succeed; but many others will fail. Why? Well, you can – for example – buy all the tools to fit a toilet, but would you know where to start? In that scenario, plumbers are the equivalent of SEO consultants: they know how to use the tools. SEO marketing consultants can bring their experience to you. And it’s through that experience that an SEO agency can work magic with those tools. They can provide solutions to problems that may arise, or they can provide context to explain why certain techniques may or may not be working. Not only that, but consultants can advise on a schedule of how and when to perform tasks. Many of the SEO tools that are used today, especially those that are freely available, cannot offer such a personalised timetable. SEO requires patience. Without a consultant to guide you through this timetable, you’re going to struggle to keep on top of what is or isn’t working, and you’re not going to know the time frame for when your SEO should start working. This can lead to you making mistakes and pulling the plug too early (or too late).

Then you have to consider whether or not the tool you are using is being actively updated. SEO is a fast-moving industry and involves consistently evolving technology. As search engine providers (predominantly Google) are wholly responsible for the rules that dictate how search engines sort websites in their rankings, this can lead to previously good SEO (white hat SEO) techniques becoming bad SEO (black hat SEO) techniques. By utilising SEO consultant services, you will be able to buy packages that involve long-term support and help for when these algorithms change. With tools, you are at the mercy of developers and whether or not they have updated their tools. If not, you could plummet down search engine rankings overnight which could have catastrophic effects on your business. The cost of good UK SEO consultants is worth it. While consultancy may be more expensive in the long-run than free or relatively inexpensive SEO tools, how much more could poor SEO cost you? This is why all successful businesses utilise proper SEO strategies that come from experienced consultants. While your budget may be small, there are good consultants offering their services for affordable prices. The boost in business could easily more than compensate for the cost, and provide you with a significant profit in return.

The importance of good SEO cannot be overstated. You’d certainly trust a technician with your household appliances, but you wouldn’t trust an amateur. So should you place your website and business in the hands of an amateur when an SEO consultant can do it right? And that’s why tools aren’t going to replace SEO consultant services anytime soon.