Signs The SEO Consultant You Are Working With Is Hurting Your Business

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Unfortunately, there are many business owners out there who are paying for SEO services and aren’t getting their money’s worth. However, a lot of them do not realise this is the case. With so many search engine optimisation consultants London and UK wide, it’s important to make sure you’re working with a reputable professional. Read on to discover the signs that your current SEO consultant is actually hurting your business rather than helping it.

One of the key signs that you’re working with a search engine optimisation agency that isn’t working hard for your business is if they never ask you for anything. Achieving a high ranking is something that requires your input. They need to know about any past SEO work, penalties and audits, and they also need you to approve their list of targeted keywords. They may ask for access to your social media accounts, as well as other bits of information about your business. Of course, search engine optimisation is something that takes time; you won’t reach the top spot overnight. However, if you have stayed with the company in question for some time now, and you’re not seeing any results, you should rightly be alarmed. Out of date knowledge is another sign to look out for. So, what is a dated approach to SEO? Well, keyword stuffing for a start. If your SEO agency is failing to provide valuable, original content, then they’re stuck in the old ages of black hat techniques, which only result in you getting penalised by Google.

Another key sign that the search engine optimisation consultants London based you’re working with are hurting your business is if they have nothing to show you. This does not only mean in terms of a rise in rankings or results, but in regards to the SEO work they are doing. You should be aware of the practices they have put in place. Good SEO agencies should be in touch regularly with a link profile analysis, SEO audit, links to articles they have published for your business, and optimised content for your website, as well as social media reports. The website optimisation team you have hired should also be working towards the bigger picture, i.e. they should have the same goals as the rest of your marketing team. If the SEO agency you are working with has not made an effort to buy into your ethos and understand your objectives, then they are not truly working for you. You probably already have a feel as to whether you have good or bad chemistry with the SEO agency. And as much as you try to dismiss any nagging doubts, it’s important to remember just how pivotal SEO is for your business. Don’t stick with a firm that doesn’t seem interested in your objectives.

If you have noticed any of the signs that have been mentioned above, it’s time to start looking at better search engine optimisation consultants London wide for your business. No matter which SEO agency you choose, they should always have something to show for their work.