Signs You’re Going Wrong With SEO

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If you are not seeing the results you expected from your SEO strategy, it is important to investigate where you are going wrong. While your website won’t climb to the top of Google overnight, you should be seeing signs of a steady improvement in your ranking. Read on to discover the signs that you are going wrong with SEO and need to consider hiring the best SEO marketing company to improve your results.

One of the key signs that all is not well with your SEO strategy is if you are prioritising low-priority strategy segments, as opposed to the segments that really matter. Experienced SEO experts recognise that the highest priorities of any SEO campaign should be keeping social engagement high; building meaningful and quality inbound links; ensuring proper on-site optimisation; and producing regular quality content. If you are focusing on buying links and churning out quantity rather than quality in terms of content, it would be a good idea to start searching online for the best SEO marketing company who can help you to re-focus your efforts. Another sign that you need to make some SEO changes is if you are not getting any conversions. If visitors are coming to your website, but they aren’t becoming leads or buying your products or services, then there is something amiss with your SEO strategy. In most cases, this happens because your website does not match the user’s intentions or the content doesn’t meet their expectations. Perhaps you are using the wrong keywords? Maybe you are not being clear regarding what you want users to do once they land on the page?

If you or your SEO consultant have not focused on on-page optimisation, then your SEO strategy is incomplete. On-page SEO is almost as vital as off-page SEO. Some of the things you can do to boost your ranking by improving on-page optimisation include using a proper internal linking structure and incorporating keywords in the body of your content and content descriptions. You should also be writing SEO-optimised titles and using tags. Another sign that you are going wrong with SEO is if your social media channels are silent. To get your content in front of those who matter, you need an active and effective social media platform. This all begins by ensuring your content is shareable, after which you need to promote it and encourage others to share it for you. If your strategy consists of irrelevant or bad quality inbound links, as well as too many poor-quality backlinks, your ranking will be suffering. Other indications that you need to look for a new SEO company is if your website content is thin and outdated. Perhaps you aren’t tracking your efforts; your keyword rankings are plummeting; organic traffic has dropped; and your behavioural metrics are not up to speed?

So there you have it: some of the key signs that your SEO strategy is not working. If you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above, it is wise to start looking for the best SEO marketing company. Formulating a winning SEO strategy is something that should definitely be in the hands of the experts.


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