The Truth About Link Diversity And Its Significance To SEO

Link Diversity

Link diversity refers to the process of obtaining inbound links from various kinds of pages and domains, as well as anchor texts in do follow and no follow links. Although this is known to be helpful in making backlinks look natural, many are questioning if link diversity is still relevant in the SEO industry today.

The idea of achieving a natural-looking backlink profile was allegedly caused by the use of statistical link analysis. Because such kind of analysis can detect patterns in links, many SEO experts responded by using link directories and other sources to normalise their backlink profiles. However, with today’s use of modern link analysis and Google Penguin algorithm, a link is now measured by the quality of the sites linked to it. And so, this gets link diversity out of the picture.

This year, there could be two reasons why it’s safe to dismiss link diversity. First, such process has been used to support poor link building practices. Second, search algorithms work differently nowadays and so focusing on link diversity alone might not be a good idea anymore.

If you’re still doubtful whether your site should have a diverse range of links or not, why not take a look at the backlinks of top ranking websites to see if such diversity exists?

This story first appeared on https://www.searchenginejournal.com/link-diversity/257403/. Click here for more details.

Indeed, effective link building can help your website reach the top of search engine results pages. If you need help with this subject, our SEO company page can provide you with the resources you might need.


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