The Truth About Pogo-Sticking And Why You Should Not Worry About It


In the recent Google Webmaster Central Hangout, one user asked whether “pogo-sticking” or “the act of navigating back and forth between web pages” will have an impact on the ranking of a website or not. In response to this, John Mueller from Google said that SEO professionals and site owners shouldn’t focus on pogo-sticking as it is not a negative ranking signal.

Mueller explained that they try not to use signals in that way when it comes to search. He added that there are plenty of reasons why users go back and forth between pages. And so, this will then make it hard for Google to turn such thing into a ranking factor.

Furthermore, Mueller stated that they only look into how users react when reviewing algorithm changes or when looking at algorithms overall. He said that in such cases, they look at millions of different queries and pages in order to determine if the changes are going the right way. But as for individual pages, he said that it’s not something to focus on.

So if you are concerned that it’s bad for SEO to have users navigating back and forth on your web pages, then take note that it isn’t something worth worrying.

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