The Truth About Using Nofollow Attributes On Websites

Nofollow Attributes

The fact that some search engine optimisation specialists misunderstand the use of nofollow attributes is a serious issue. Using nofollow at a page level builds a dead end and stops the flow of signals on your site. So for those using page-level attributes, it is recommended to only utilise nofollow on particular links instead.

There is a huge difference between utilising nofollow on specific links and for an entire page. While many SEO websites use nofollow attributes at page level, it will be better to use them on paid links or user-generated content. This way, you can avoid an outbound penalty.

Furthermore, many people add nofollow attributes to several types of premium content. They believe that doing so can stop such content from being indexed. However, this is not true. In fact, even if you add nofollow attributes to the premium content, Google will still be able to index it. So in this case, using nofollow is not worth the effort since it won’t be able to send signals through your website, particularly when used at page level.

So if you want to ensure that you won’t misuse these nofollow attributes, consider seeking the help of professional SEO experts.

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