These Are The New Details About The Time Google Lost Part Of Its Search Index

Search Index

Back in April, Google lost part of its search index temporarily while an update was being pushed to its data centres. Though it only affected several documents, it was still huge enough to be noticed by SEO experts and webmasters. This issue was finally fixed on April 11th, but it resulted in other errors later on.

One of the most notable problems it caused is with the Search Console since reports that contain data are directly coming from the search index. Because of this, Google had to halt the Search Console database updates when they applied fixes to the search index. This caused some reports to contain questionable data. The Search Console problem was finally resolved on April 30th, with annotations added to affected reports to indicate that their data might be inaccurate.

To prepare for future issues that may happen with their search index, Google plans to create a central hub in the Search Console. Here, the search engine giant can quickly communicate with SEO companies and webmasters regarding widespread bugs. On top of this, they will aim to post regular updates on the anomalies page of Search Console data and even on Twitter. This is to keep everyone posted with such problems, especially if they have a significant impact on data.

This post used information from this link: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-temporarily-lost-part-of-its-search-index-in-april/. Click the link to see the full story.

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