These Are The Things To Know About The Latest Update For The Exact Match Keyword By Google

Exact Match Keyword

When it comes to keyword research for SEO, Google’s exact match keyword targeting is usually utilised. This helps in finding exact keywords based on the searcher’s query. It received updates in the past years so it can determine close keyword variants such as plurals, misspellings, word order, and function words. Now, it has been updated yet again to identify variations that have the same meaning as the keywords used. This includes paraphrases and implied words.

If before, exact words were the sole basis of matching keywords, now the intent and meaning of user queries will be considered. For example, if someone looks up “Yosemite camping” on Google, its results will now match to keywords with similar meaning like “campsites in Yosemite” or “Yosemite camping.” But if Google sees that a question is unrelated to a particular keyword, then it won’t be matched. So searching “Yosemite camping” won’t match to queries like “Yosemite hotel” since the searcher is looking for places to camp rather than a hotel room.
By October, this update will be implemented for English keywords. Afterwards, it will be rolled out for other languages in the succeeding months. Just like with previous changes to close variants, SEO experts and advertisers are expected to focus more on their research for exact match keywords before and after the update has been rolled out so they can include negative or new keywords.

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