These Are The Things You Need To Know About 404 Errors

404 Errors

Several webmasters are still unsure if 404 errors within the old versions of a website can be problematic. Thankfully, John Mueller of Google has provided a great explanation about this which site owners and SEO companies might also find helpful.

When 404 errors take place, Mueller suggests a common best practice in SEO: setting up redirects. But even if you do this, the errors might still pop up in the old sections of the website. Should this be a major concern? The answer depends on how old these sections of the site are. If they are too old, meaning they’re not being used for internal linking or receiving any traffic, then you shouldn’t be worried about the 404 errors. However, if the URLs with errors are still linked to other pages of the site, you need to work on setting up redirects.

Resolving this issue won’t be long if there’s only a couple of URLs that must be redirected. But what if you’re faced with numerous 404 errors? Relying on the Search Console’s crawl errors assessment would be helpful. If you see that the top crawl errors aren’t significant, then there’s no need to do some redirecting. But in case they turned out to be relevant, then it’s time to approach an SEO company that can expertly assist you in this matter.

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