These Are The Things You Should Know About Recovering From A Manual Penalty

Manual Penalty

A lot of website publishers nowadays are having SEO issues with recovering from manual penalties. So to help out publishers, John Mueller from Google explains why reconsideration requests fail and how these can be solved.

The first reason for failed requests is the inability to determine the real problems in your website. To address this issue, Google recommends web publishers to seek out a second pair of eyes. It is advisable to acquire some advice from people or SEO companies who have experienced the same situation. This can be a big help in order to identify the significant site problems that are not seen by the publishers.

Another reason is that many web publishers often fail to provide effective solutions to all their problems, and sometimes they overlook small issues. Google even points out that crafting a “good enough” reconsideration request is never actually good enough. It is very important to recognise every single problem such as on page quality issues and find ways to fix them. In that way, web publishers will have a better chance to lift the manual penalties that they have received.

This only means that the best option to recover from a Google penalty is to have a clean website. To do this, why not get help from a reliable and experienced SEO company?

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