Things To Know About Content Length And Why It Is Not An Indicative Of Quality

Content Length

John Mueller from Google recently confirmed that content length is not considered as an indicator of its level of quality. He said that there are even several pages which have lengthy content but says nothing while there are some pages with few words but can be highly relevant to various users’ queries. Now, this is something that SEO experts and webmasters should take note of when writing contents for their sites.

This topic actually came up when a Twitter user asked John Mueller if it would be a good idea to de-index shorter articles or not. However, Mueller responded that “word count is not indicative of quality.” Google won’t automatically rank a page just by looking at the word count. So whether the content is in short or long form, it may still rank on the SERPs. And as per the updated Quality Rater Guidelines from Google, word count is not specifically mentioned. Instead, these quality raters evaluate the content based on whether the pages achieve their purpose. This can be done by giving how-to instructions, describing products, answering questions, and more.

In other words, it doesn’t matter whether your content is wordy or not. As long as it is beneficial to searches or relevant to specific queries, then Google will rank it.

This helpful SEO information was gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-word-count-does-not-equal-quality-content/262963/. Click here to learn more.

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