Things To Know About The New Featured Snippets From Google

New Featured Snippets

Google recently introduced the new featured snippets that aim to display more information regarding a particular topic. These featured snippets provide additional informative sources below the main featured snippet for users who have particular queries. Now this is something that users and even SEO experts should take note of.

For example, if you are searching for “quartz vs granite” you will see the main featured snippet with pictures in the SERPs. And following that, you’ll also see four expandable featured snippets about benefits, weight, durability and costs.

Google explained that these sub-featured snippets are automatically generated according to their understanding of topics, from various contents on the web. They also said that such update is part of a series of improvements that will help everyone access information much faster.

In connection to that, Google has also launched multifaceted featured snippets last February, which is specifically for broad search queries. Through this update, SERPs will display more than one snippet with the particular query rewritten as questions. These questions are generated based on what the algorithm assumes the user might have intended.

In short, the latest format of Google’s featured snippets provides users with narrower and more in-depth information about a certain topic instead of giving details on a more generic subject.

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