Things To Know About The New Forms Of Search Result Snippets

Search Results Snippets

Google announced that they have been testing a new form of search results snippets for the past few months. With this change, search snippets will now be shown in the form of How-Tos, Q&A (questions and answers), and FAQs (frequently asked questions). For SEO professionals and site owners, this change can be utilised to potentially display their contents in Google in a different manner.

One of Google’s spokesperson said that they’re always searching for new approaches to give users the most useful and relevant results. And by showing previews of responses from a particular forum or Q&A site onto Search, users are more likely to determine which source have the details they need.

In addition, the new snippet features provide users with greater insights on what they can see in a specific web page before even opening it. Having said that, webmasters and SEO experts can markup their content with structured data. This way, the content will then be qualified to have Q&A previews displayed on the SERPs.

Right now, a lot of such markups are already available at Schema.org – from the QA page markup, FAQ markup, and HowTo markup. So if you want your content to be eligible for these new snippet features, make sure to add the suitable markup to your HTML sections.

This information came from https://searchengineland.com/google-confirms-new-faqs-qa-and-how-tos-for-search-results-snippets-303116. To see the full story, click this link.

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