This Is How Google Detects Duplicate Content Before Crawling It

Duplicate Content

John Mueller from Google reveals that Googlebot can detect duplicate content even before crawling it. Since website owners and providers of SEO services deal with various link building efforts all the time, this is something to take note of.

Mueller talked about this particular Google feature during a Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout, where one of the participants asked if two pages will be considered duplicates of one another even if they are written in different languages.

According to Mueller, Google may identify a page having duplicate content if it has a similar URL parameter with pages that are not different from one another. Moreover, if a page uses language parameters, Google might fail to index pages with unique contents. This is because the search engine might assume that the language parameter is actually irrelevant to a specific page, thus marking them as duplicates.

Definitely, this is a very important Google aspect that every SEO specialist and website owner must always consider when creating pages and contents. However, Mueller said that this can be considered a bug for Google and not always entirely the fault of the webmasters. So if you are managing a website or planning to avail of affordable SEO services, be sure to carefully monitor how your website generates URL parameters.

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