This Is How Google Is Planning To Make Audio Content Searchable

Audio Content

Google is exploring the possibilities of changing the way people discover audio content in search results. Does this mean that SEO companies should also begin looking for ways on how to optimise audio content?

According to Google’s podcast team, they already have plans to prioritise audio content in the same way they do to images, texts, and videos. One thing that they are thinking to do is incorporate podcast metadata into the search engine results. Hence, aside from podcasts appearing in search results when the title is searched for, they can also show up when topics or names of people are entered into the search box. In order to achieve this, Google will need to find a way to understand what each podcast is about. When they successfully do this, there will surely be a future where audio SEO can be studied by online marketers.

Also, if audio SEO becomes a new trend, you can expect new forms of audio content just like short sound clips, which give answers to particular questions and spoken-word versions of blogs posts and articles. What do you and your partner SEO company think about Google’s plan on audio content? Are you ready for the change that’s about to come?

This information was gathered from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-wants-make-audio-content-searchable/250723/. Click the link for more details.


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