This Is How Google Speed Update Can Impact Your Website

Google Speed Update

Increasing the speed of your web pages is something that you must consider especially now that the Google speed update has been rolled out to all users. In fact, whether you’re following an SEO strategy or not, working on the page speed is important seeing that a 3-second load time can increase the bounce rate by 32%. Meanwhile, a 5-second load time increases the bounce rate by 90%. Remember, this bounce rate represents potential loss of customers.

According to Google, the rolling out of speed update is not an opportunity to improve rankings by increasing load times. To be more precise, the said update will impact those pages that provide the slowest user experience. Hence, you should be very concerned if you have pages with poor load times. But how slow is slow? There are testing tools available that you can use to gain information about page speed and these include PageSpeed Insights and Google Analytics.

Moreover, Google also reminds us that despite the importance of page speed, it shouldn’t be prioritised over having a strong content strategy. This means that even if you have a slow page, this can still rank if it has relevant and compelling content.

If you need further help in ensuring that both your page speed and content perform well, never hesitate to seek help from SEO experts to sort these things out.

This story first appeared on https://searchenginewatch.com/2018/07/23/googles-speed-update-now-applies-for-all-users-how-does-it-affect-you/. Click here for more details.

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