This Is How H Tags Affect Your Web Page Rankings And Contents

H Tags

One question that SEO experts and website owners usually ask is the importance of using H tags in a webpage, specifically when using a number of them. Should they be used only on the heading of the page or throughout the content itself? Most of the time, shorter pages will have one or two headings, but longer pages could have more than that. This is truly beneficial, and not from an SEO perspective alone.

John Mueller from Google explained that H tags allow them to grasp the context of the contents better and determine which ones belong together. By using semantic markup for various heading levels, contents can be broken down much better, making them easier to understand. This benefits not only the search engines but the users as well.

Furthermore, John Mueller also stressed that H tags do affect web page rankings. However, having a number of headings in a single web page will not deliver huge changes in rankings. He said that website owners should not panic if they are not using these headings properly. On the other hand, those who are following this should continue doing so as they help in making contents much more understandable.

When planning to improve your contents as well as your rankings, always remember to manage your H tags properly or better yet, work with professionals who can give you a helping hand.

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