This Is How The PageRank Patent Update Affects Your SEO Strategy


PageRank is one of the most significant Google algorithms as it affects the ranking of websites and is responsible for explaining why some sites are ranked, and others do not. When the PageRank patent update rolled out, an impact to search engine optimisation, particularly link building has been observed.

Ideally, when building links, each link should come from a site that is as close as possible to a high-quality website in a particular niche. But now, it can be inferred that high search ranking is no longer about getting the most authoritative link. Since the PageRank patent update, SEO link building has been affected because this algorithm calculates link distances between an authoritative site and the website it links to. It also identifies links that are of the shortest distance from authoritative sites under the topic you want to rank for. This allowed sites in small niche topics to outrank larger sites that have more links, resulting in smaller sites getting a boost in rankings.

Although Google claims that nothing much changed when it comes to PageRank, it’s always advisable to dedicate time learning more about such updates, with the help of an SEO company of course. In this manner, you can be ready for the impact that future algorithm changes might bring to your SEO efforts.

The information about PageRank update came from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/pagerank-patent/250603/. Click this link to see the full story.