This Is How The Search Algorithm Of Google Responds To Real-Life Crises Currently Happening

Search Algorithm

In his statement to The Guardian, Google’s senior search engineer Pandu Nayak said that the search algorithm can now adjust itself when a real-life crisis is taking place. With this change, Google increases the authority signals’ weight in order to lift the most accurate details regarding the crisis that’s currently occurring. Now, that is something that SEO experts, site owners and of course, web searchers should know of.

Nayak mentioned that the school shootings which happened in the US, wherein plenty of misinformation had surfaced, is the reason why Google made changes to its search algorithm. And through this, the spread of misinformation during a tragic event can be reduced.

The search engineer also pointed out that removing individual pages isn’t the solution to resolve this issue of spreading misinformation. Instead, Google aims to determine where the problem is coming from and then solve it.

For example, when a deadly earthquake is approaching, Google will be first showing breaking news articles from the most authoritative sources that are related to earthquakes. And once the crisis died out, the search algorithm will then return to normal.

This SEO news came from https://www.searchenginejournal.com/googles-algorithm-adjusts-itself-when-a-real-world-crisis-is-occurring/315435/. Know more by clicking the link.

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